Welcome to my portfolio!
I hope you enjoy looking at my lampworked glass jewelry.
I have been lampworking for close to 10 years now.
I started out taking silversmithing classes at Maryland Institute College of Art's Jewelry Center and loved working with silver but I kept wanting more color. I tried polymer clay, epoxy resin and various other materials. One day I saw an ad for a two day workshop on "lampworking glass beads" and I was intrigued. The two day workshop had me working on a butane "hot head" torch and I have never looked back. Many, many very good classes later and three torches later I have a great little studio equipped with pounds and pounds of soft soda lime glass from Italy, Germany, America, wonderful glass working tools and just not enough time to make glass.

It is a calming meditative thing to make beads. I put on some good music and lose myself in the process of winding on the glass, introducing various metals or changing the colors of the glass by playing with the amount of gas or oxygen coming out of the torch. The beads go into a good size kiln and "hang out" at 960 degrees until I am done with that days bead making session. Then they go through a four or five hour long annealing process to allow them to "destress" and come to room temperature. I usually don't know completely what the fruits of my labors will look like until the next morning. Sometimes it is a "WOW" experience and those are the beads you see here on the site.

Enjoy looking and send me an email (click on the contact button up at the top) if you have a question. You can purchase any of these through PayPal by clicking on the price at the individual item description.

Also check out the Mid Atlantic Glass Beadmakers website- we have quarterly meetings and it is a great website with lots of good bead making information:

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